Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Learn Java

Java is a programming language that quickly gained popularity in the recent years. Programmes written in Java are cross-platform and the language is built on the principle "write once, run anywhere". This cross-platform nature is achieved because Java programmes run on a Java virtual machine which is available in almost all operating systems. Therefore the architecture of the system does not matter, having JVM is simply enough.

There are hundreds of resources in the internet you can use to learn Java. However you must choose the best tutorials suitable to you considering your computer proficiency. Here are two best websites you can use to learn Java.

1. Java Lessons
Java Lessons is a popular place for Java learners. The lessons are filled with wonderful examples, so you can try them out while learning.

2. Java beginner
This is also a popular site for learning Java. Step by step guides are available covering the basics of the language.

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