Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to learn Italian 1 - Italian alphabet

This is the Italian alphabet. And the first step in learning Italian.

Italian Letter(s)      English Sound
a                          ah
e                          eh
i                           ee
o                          oh
u                          oo
ai                          eye
au                         ow
ei                          ay
ia                          yah
ie                          yeh
io                          yoh
iu                          yoo
ua                         wah
ue                         weh
uo                         woh
ui                          wee
ci or ce                  ch
gi or ge                  zh
sci                         sh
sch                        sk
aia                         ah-yah
aio                         ah-yoh
iei                          ee-yay
uio                         oo-yoh
uoi                         oo-oy
ch                          k
h                           silent
r                            trilled

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