Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to learn Italian 7 - Italian articles

Italian Articles and
Definite Article - The
ileelsing., before consonantslalahsing., before consonants
lolowsing., before z, gn, or s + cons.
l'lsing., before vowelsl'lsing., before vowels
ieeplural, before consonantslelehplural, before consonants and vowels
glilyeeplural, before vowels, z, gn, or s + cons.
Indefinite Articles - A, an, some
A, Anunoonbefore consonant or vowelunaoon-ahbefore consonants
unooon-ohbefore z, gn, or s + consonantun'oonbefore vowels
Somedeidaybefore consonantsdelledell-ehbefore vowels and consonants
deglideh-lyeebefore vowels, z, gn, or s + cons.

Demonstratives - This, that, these, and those
This and these
Masc.questoquestibefore a consonant
quest'questibefore a vowel
Fem.questaquestebefore a consonant
quest'questebefore a vowel
That and those
Masc.quelqueibefore a consonant
quell'queglibefore a vowel
quelloqueglibefore z, gn, or s + consonant
Fem.quellaquellebefore a consonant
quell'quellebefore a vowel
Note:  If you use that and those as a subject, use these four
forms: quello for masculine singular, quella
for feminine singular, quelli for masculine
plural, and quelle for feminine plural. 

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